Fluctuation, The Kimberley


The Kimberley, Western Australia


      This catalogue was captured in May 2022. Using R44 Helicopters and Cessna 210 light aircraft, I attempted to capture as much of the Kimberley’s beauty as possible. Totalling 16 hours flight-time over 8 flights, I was gratefully left with the mammoth challenge of reviewing over 8,000 photos, every shot unique and captivating in its own way. It was an incredibly adventurous week and I am very privileged to have had the opportunity

      North-west Australia has an unusually massive continental shelf, stretching hundreds of kilometres out towards Indonesia, and this is why the Kimberley tides are among some of the biggest in the world and the largest of the Southern Hemisphere. The average tidal range is 10 metres, but with king tides occurring twice a year, this can be much more significant. With the nature of these tides, there is also an incredible shift in the profile of this region. You may witness horizontal waterfalls, exposed mudflats multiple kilometres long, intertidal reefs and rock shelves, all that seem to miraculously disappear and re-appear repeatedly within the space of a day. From the air, you can witness these ever-changing textures and patterns with with a top-down perspective. It is this in particular that has provided the focus in this series.